Double / Triple Action Treatment

Triple action treatment (tummy)

Magni Lipo MS-07

Magni Lipo MS-07 - Uses a 45 degree heat to break down stubborn fat. It liquidises the fat and this is then eliminated through the lymph node. With this treatment you get up to 15cm off.


Burns fat and builds muscle simultaneously. It performs 20,000 muscle contrtactions (crunches) in 30 minutes. It tones the area and reduces the waist by on average 4.17cm.

Fat dissolving injections

is a safe, effective treatment that reduces fat cells and breaks down cellulite. It produces long lasting results, which means you can aliminate subborn and unwanted fat.

Package Price

Triple Action - 1 session lipo, 1 session emsculpt, 2 vials fat dissolving injections

Double Action - 1 session lipo, 1 session emsculpt

Double / Triple Action Treatment (Tummy)

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