Stretch Mark Reduction

Stretch Mark Reduction

Offering a brilliantly new and effective solution to improving the appearance of stretch marks.

Dipomed stretch mark treatment is an innovative treatment with exceptional results that has never been seen before in the world of aesthetics.

This advanced treatment helps reduce 80% of your white and red stretch marks for good! The process of this procedure is followed by a use of revolutionary products that helps with the stimulation of the blood flow beneath the skin, it also warns the elasticity and increases metabolism. This is then followed by a suction technique that raises the blood to the top layer of each stretch mark across the concerned area. Helping towards the renewal of your skin, and therefore reducing and healing the area by 80%.


The result is already visible after 1 to a maximum of 3 sessions, because it promises to reduce stretch marks up to 80%. You are provided with aftercare creams, which will need to be used regularly and correctly every morning and night, for a period of 20 days in order to get optimum results. Stretch marks can cause sagging and sometimes broken collagen tissue. With this treatment, these are activated and strengthened.

Important Information

During the first week after the treatment, the treated area will look very red, this is completely normal. The home care products determine 60% of the result. Without the use of these products, optimum results cannot be achieved. You are not allowed to swim or use a sauna for 2 weeks after the treatment. It is also essential to drink 1.5 litres to 2 litres of water every day. 


This treatment is not suitable for:

Laser hair removal at Magni Skin offers many benefits, including the following:

  • If you are pregnant or breastfeeding
  • Alcohol to be consumed 7 days before and after the treatment
  • For sport activities 15 days after the treatment
  • For people with a pacemaker
  • 6 to 12 months after intensive surgery
  • For cancer patients
  • If you have a chronic kidney disease
  • In case of local dermatitis
  • If you have thrombosis & emboli
  • For people who smoke more than 1.5 packs per day
  • If you use blood thinners
  • Keloid tendency skin
  • For laser treatments 10 days before and throughout treatment
  • If you use Roaccutane
  • For people with low blood pressure, vulnerable blood vessels or diabetes

Frequently Asked Questions

How Many Sessions Do I need?

You often need 3 sessions. However, you can achieve great results between 1 and 2 sessions depending on the depth and thickness of the stretch marks.

Are The Results Permanent?

This treatment recovers your skin from the effect of stretch marks and strengthens it to prevent aesthetic dysfunction from occurring again. Therefore, making the results permanent. 

How Much Time Should There Be Between Sessions?

You have to leave 28 days between sessions. 

How Quickly Do I See Results?

After 1 session results can be seen, this is after a period of 28 days. After 1 session you decide whether a second session is needed. 

Do I Always Get Results?

Thanks to this remarkable treatment you can achieve up to 80% reduction in 3 sessions. The final result is personal, so it is important to consider possibly 3 sessions and not expect that everything will disappear with 1 session. 

How Long Does There Treatment Take And Is It Painful?

This treatment takes approximately 20 to 30 minutes per area. The treatment is considered not painful by most but is considered painful in ladies with a low pain threshold. 

On Which Body Parts Can I Have The Treatment Applied?

Stretch marks are line-shaped skin disorders that occur primarily on the abdomen, breasts, upper and lower arms, hips and buttocks. This treatment can be applied to all these places on the body. The stretch marks are the result of sagging and sometimes broken collagen tissue. With the treatment, these are activated and strengthened.

Can I Sunbathe After This Treatment?

The treated area should not be exposed to sun, steam room, sun bed until it has healed, this takes 4 to 6 weeks. After 6 weeks you can sunbathe with SPF 50. 

How Old does My Stretch Marks Have To Be To Get This Treatment Done?

The treatment can be performed on new and old stretch marks.

Stretch Mark Reduction

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