Bye Acne Bacial

Bye Acne Bacial

Bye Acne Bacial

We are all unique. Understanding your acne helps us find the best Bacial treatment for you.

Are you tired of imperfections on your back that you can never reach? We designed our Bacial treatment with you in mind. Suited for all skin-types and ages, you won’t have to worry about your back acne. Relax and let us take care of you.

We know that acne can have a negative impact on your life and can damage your self-confidence. So our aim is to get you to a place where you’re happy with the way your skin looks. We’re passionate about helping each and every client, improving their acne symptoms so they can live their life without worrying about their skin. We know that acne can be a long journey, so we’re here for you every step of the way.

Acne classification

Acne is classified into three different types:

Mild – Whiteheads and blackheads are common.
Moderate – You will see whiteheads, blackheads, papules and pustules. A papule is a small red bump, a pustule is a small bump on the skin that contains fluid or pus.
Severe – Many large, often painful, papules and pustules, as well as nodules or cysts. There may also be scarring.

Frequently Asked Questions

What results can I expect to see from acne treatment at skin?

Everyone is, of course, different and acne can vary hugely from person to person. Your specialist acne practitioner will prescribe a tailored course of treatment.

What causes Back Acne?

Back Acne is a skin concern found on the back and shoulders. This can be due to a few different factors, but mainly as a result of an accumulation of oil within the pores of the skin and dead skin cells which result in back acne. Back acne is usually formed by causes such as hormones, stress, sweat, genetics, diet, or certain medications.

Why go to Magni Skin Clinic?

Here at Magni Skin Clinic, we blend industry experience, expertise and advanced technology to offer our customers the best experience and desired results. Our free consultations offer transparency and detailed treatment plans to make you feel comfortable and confident in our clinics.


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