Do you want to build muscle and burn fat while laying down? Do you pursue having fine abs and healthy lines but do not have time to work out? BTL EMSculpt is the revolution!

The human body contains 30% muscles; however, our existing non-surgical treatments only focus on fat and skin.  BTL EMSculpt is the new treatment that helps you get a defined body like Kim Kardashian and Chris Evans without exercise. By building muscle in those hard to treat areas and reducing unwanted fat concurrently, our customers can enjoy a noticeable body change


How can Emsculpt help?

The human body's muscle content decreases, metabolism slows down after the age of 25. Lack of exercise or insufficient exercise volume can easily lead to a loss of body shape and loose skin. BTL EMSculpt can help you tone and lift the abdomen, buttocks, arms, and legs in a limited time. It allows you to not only build muscles but also increase your body's metabolism and maintain healthy detoxification.
BTL is a well-reputed company all over the world, specialising in large-scale medical equipment. It is a pioneer in the aesthetics and physiotherapy segments. It is famous for its original cardiopulmonary treatment and sports rehabilitation equipment and has over 19 years’ experience of the involvement in magnetic therapy. Numbers of the patents and academic achievements are relative to BTL. Clinics from over 55 countries have worked with BTL, especially in North America.

How does it work?

BTL EMSculpt is an innovative and non-invasive device developed by British BTL Company.

In 30 minutes, 20,000 muscle contractions is stimulated by the energy pulse. The electromagnetic wave of the treatment can penetrate depth up to 7cm muscle layer, therefore inducing muscles to perform extreme contraction exercises that the human body cannot achieve autonomously. Meanwhile, ultra-fast metabolism of cells is stimulated and accompanied by muscle strengthening and growth.

  • BTL EMSculpt is the only treatment that builds 16% muscles and burns 19% fat simultaneously.
  • Seven independent studies in the United States provide strong academic support, and
  • It has been certified by the US FDA, CE, and TGA, including 7 independent academic research in the United States.
  • No radiation, no freezing, no high temperature to heat the epidermis. It is absolutely efficient and safe.

What result can you expect?

EMSculpt essentially stimulates 20,000 muscle contractions in 30 minutes.

  • 1 abdominal treatment (30 minutes) is equivalent to 20,000 abdominal crunches
  • 1 butt treatment (30 minutes) is equivalent to 20,000 squats

After the first treatment, you will feel tangible immediately.

  • Waist circumference will decrease by an average of 4.17 cm.
  • Fat loss will be 19% on that specific area
  • The average muscle thickness will increase by 16%

    The benefits of BTL Emsculpt?

    HIFEM (High-Intensity Focused Electromagnetic Field) is used to causes 20,000 muscle contractions. HIFEM is used to focus electromagnetic energy to trigger supramaximal contractions and that allows muscles to perform extreme contraction movements that the human body cannot complete autonomously. At the same time, high-intensity muscle contraction stimulates muscle growth and induces fat cells to accelerate metabolism.
    Compared to other fat loss tools, this is a very fast response, in other cases, you need to wait for months to see something happen. With BTL EMSculpt, even with a single visit, you will find that the area looks better after a day or two.

    The Three Phase

    There are three different phase parameters that can be set to ensure to achieve the highest efficacy.

    • First Phase: Muscles are warmed up for the preparation of intensive exercise. The muscles are tightened slightly, and you would have a feeling of pulling upwards.
    • Second Phase: High-density muscle contraction makes the muscles reach 100% extreme training, lipolysis is triggered. Muscles are increased and the apoptosis of fat cells is happening at the same time. BTL EMSculpt makes the muscles contract a thousand times in a few seconds on the second mode and the movements longer than the first Phase.
    • Third Phase: Low-density electromagnetic waves are used to relax muscles and help drain away toxins or lactic acid. It feels like tapping the muscles (about 10 times per second), which is a very slow contraction.

    Other benefits of Emsculpt?

    • Build 16% muscle and burn 19% fat at the same.
    • An innovative non-invasive treatment. It is totally non-surgical, with no anaesthesia required and no downtime.
    • HIFEM pulses selectively drive motor neurons without affecting or harming the skin.
    • Muscle contraction stimulates super-fast metabolism and lipolysis of fat.
    • It is time efficient. Having just 30 minutes in one treatment. After a course of four treatments, you can yield visible results.
    • This is the best choice for those who aren’t candidates for liposuction due to insufficient body fat.

    If you want to be more sculpted and have a defined physique and stronger muscles. BTL EMSculpt is right for you!

    Abdominal Treatment

    One abdominal treatment (30 minutes) is equivalent to 20,000 abdominal crunches. High intensity focused electromagnetic energy technology is used for increasing the density and volume of abdominal muscles, decompose and eliminate abdominal fat.

    Booty Treatment

    One booty treatment (30 minutes) is equivalent to 20,000 squats. BTL EMSculpt makes the gluteal muscles strong and smooth, without destroying any shape-enhancing fat in the area. When the muscles gradually increases and thickens, the overall buttocks improves significantly.

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What is the process of the treatment?

    No gel needs to be applied, no cloth needs to be undressed when you get the treatment at Magni Skin. The device will be put on the treatment site and it can be down in 30 minutes with the energy power from 0% to 100%.

    The power is suggested to be 20%-40% in the first 10 minutes, 70% in the following 10 minutes, and 90%-100% in the last 10 minutes. You will get the non-invasive, painless, and no recovery period at Magni Skin.

    Am I a candidate?

    Everyone! Everyone can get this non-invasive and painless treatment. BTL EMSculpt helps you to be more fit. If you are not satisfied with your belly, muscle, and loose skin, BTL EMSculpt is your best choice.

    For those who have extremely high fat and weight, it is more reasonable and effective to lose weight first and then get this treatment.

    What result can I expect

    Generally, the effect can be seen after a course of treatment, and muscle would line appear immediately. After 3-4 courses of continuous treatment, you can easily feel your muscle lines such as vest lines when body fat is low. In the meanwhile, you also need to have a healthy diet so the fat will not rebound.

    Why Emsculpt essentially causes 20,000 muscle contractions?

    This treatment is equivalent to a real weight loss exercise. HIFEM is used to focus electromagnetic energy to trigger supra-maximal contractions that allows muscles to perform extreme contraction movements that the human body cannot complete autonomously.

    How long does the BTL Emsculpt treatment interval take?

    Normally one treatment takes 30 minutes. The full course contains four treatments and please take 2 to 3 days gap between treatments. Ideally, 4 to 5 course is suggested in a year to keep fit.

    How Do I feel right after one treatment?

    When experiencing the whole treatment, you can feel the muscles being grabbed by a burst of energy again and again but it does not hurt at all. After experiencing the treatment, the muscle of the treated part might be sour and have slight fatigue. This is the result of the effect after the treatment, and the body will feel that it has been well exercised. Follow-up treatment will be more adaptable and relaxed.

    How long does the result last?

    The treatment causes irreversible apoptosis and that shows the result is thus long-lasting.

    Are there any side effects or dangers?

    Magni Skin Clinic has been directly authorised and trained by the BTL head office to provide professional operating qualifications and low the risk to none. The magnetic technology has existed for decades, and its safety has been proven through dozens of studies.


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